Peking Duck

Submitted by Matt on Fri, 10/02/2020 - 10:18

So I recently purchased a Traeger Timberline 850 and have been doing BBQ whenever I get the chance. Last night we had some guests and made Peking duck for Mid-Autumn Festival / Golden Week.

There really is not much to it. Remove the duck from the packaging and inflate the skin with an air pump or compressor. Wash the bird and remove any giblets, douse it with boiling water (start fat rendering). Your goal is to have crispy skin.

The roast took longer than I expected (as stuff with a new grill does) initially. I smoked it for 225 F for 2.5 hours and it still was not even close to 165 F internal temp. I had to crank it to 400 F if we were to eat before 8 PM. I think it would have been more optimal to start a little earlier. The skin was about 80% as crispy as I wanted it to be, hopefully I can get to 100% next time.

Serve with some cucumber, carrot and Hoisin sauce. You can make delicious tacos with flour tortillas or mandarin pancakes.

In case anyone is curious the fresh duck was a lot better than the frozen one, at least of this brand. I assumed the frozen would be somewhat brined but I do not believe this made much of a difference.

two brands of duck
I experimented with 2 brands of duck, one frozen and the other fresh
roast duck
We weren't the only ones ready to eat duck that night