Finishing A Garage Apartment (Man Cave)

Submitted by Matt on Fri, 10/16/2015 - 21:05

I am in the process of finishing my garage room into a man cave. I used a CAD program on my Android tablet to design the floorplan. I had about 400 sq ft to work with. I wanted to fit a bathroom, as well as have an entertainment area and work bench.

CAD Design

Pre Drywall Mancave
Bathroom, bare studs

I am almost done, just have to install the bathroom fixtures and the baseboards.

Full view, floor in

The projector is set up. I have a 12 foot diagonal screen and 7.2 surround sound setup I have learned a lot about residential electrical, flooring, paint, tile, light fixtures, plumbing, and more throughout the process.

UPDATE: Unfortuantely I dont think I will have room for my work bench.


After drywall
Right after the drywall job
Projector Plan
Dimensions of the screen and placement of the projector need to be planned in advance


Projector sample
Projector Screen