Power Hour App

Submitted by Matt on Sat, 11/14/2015 - 15:07

I recently needed to write a quick power hour app for an event at my house.

Power hour screen shot

The app works with any music playing software. I personally like to use use Spotify. Be sure and have whatever player you are using open and the playlist queued up prior to pressing "Start/Resume." This app needs no special APIs to control the trackes. It uses the media forward button to do all the work. There is a siren on the transition to every song. Enjoy!

It was a quick and dirty implementation but it gets the job done. This was written in C# and runs on Windows. App and zipped source is attached for now. I will be opening a github or public git soon that has the code, so stay tuned!

I may add features and port it to Android/iOS later if there is need.