Asia Trip 2019 part 2/2 Taipei Taiwan

Submitted by Matt on Tue, 10/01/2019 - 18:02

So I was flying out of CC into Taipei. Right as we were about to board the airplane my friend shows me something.


We were not the only ones going to Taipei, so was a typhoon named Mitag.

As we arrived at the hotel all of the locals were boarding up the windows. Such a great feeling.


Here is Taipei 101 the night before the storm hit. Pretty cool.

Taipei 101


Video file

Luckily before the thing blew through we were able to sight-see some. Most of the places usually are very crowded but unsurprisingly were almost deserted.



Video file

The night we had all the rain we did not want to eat hotel food so we went out to one of the few open restaurants. It was a noodle place that was pretty famous, halfway through my meal I found a bug in my food :( . Everyone else I was with had already cleaned their plate!


view from taipei 101
View from Google at Taipei 101